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A backpacker enjoys a view of a lush green waterfall.


Our designated Sustainability Board leads the strategy and communication for all of Beds & Bar’s brands. We encourage all of our staff and customers to ‘Live Your Life, Love Your Planet’.

What we’re doing


Reducing energy consumption by 10% every year.


Reducing our waste and increase our recycling to a minimum of 50% by end of 2023.

Green Energy

Investing in green energy initiatives such as solar and sourcing green energy from supplier.


Becoming 100% LED by the end of 2023.


Eliminating single use plastic from our business.


Encouraging zero food waste.


Moving to 100% eco cleaning products and services.


Sourcing our produce locally and sustainability


Investing in a ride to work scheme for our staff.


Running monthly sustainability events in all of our sites for our staff and customers.


Carbon offsetting with reputable schemes, and encouraging our customers to offset their emissions


We’re proud to offer some of the best employee benefits in the industry and offer all of our staff a safe, inclusive and inspirational workplace. In 2022, we obtained our third platinum award from Investors in People – one of very few in the hospitality industry to have ever achieved this hat-trick.

Our Footsteps Training Programme allows our team to progress their careers and improve their knowledge during their time at Beds & Bars. A number of our current directors started their careers in hospitality with us, a testament to the success of our training.

Our Rising Stars scheme invests in selected members of our staff and aims to improve their finance, public speaking, sales and marketing and leadership and self reflection skills over an intensive 5-month period. Every one of our Rising Stars gets the opportunity to pitch their idea for the business to the board of directors, and the best initiatives receive funding and support to be implemented in the business.

All of our employees receive a 50% discount in all of our bars and hostels, regular incentives and trips away, plus free mental health support and counseling.


As an international business, we’re committed to inclusivity, fairness and have a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination of our staff or our customers. Our teams are trained to ensure that people staying in our hostels or partying in our venues are safe, secure and having fun.

In our sports bars, we’ve partnered with a number of organisations to promote safe spaces for women to enjoy sport, and are working with local teams to raise more awareness for women’s football, rugby and more. We are also partnered with SafeUp, to create a more secure, accessible environment for women in venues across Europe. Belushi’s Bars and St Christopher’s Inns hostels will become ‘Safe Places’ for women using the SafeUP app, and both customers and staff will be encouraged to join SafeUP’s growing community. 

Having lost his wife and Beds and Bars co-founder Franca Knowles to cancer in 2014, our CEO (Keith Knowles) developed the Live Your Life campaign – an annual weekend to celebrate life and educate our customers on living with cancer. In recent years we have partnered with Team Margot, who inspire people, especially those from ethnically diverse communities, to register as blood, organ, stem cell and bone donors.

Pay Gap Reports

French Gender Pay Gap Report – 2023